Term set Synchronization and maintenance of GUID’s across multiple platforms in SharePoint 2013, 2016 and SharePoint Online with one simple to use utility.

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The SharePoint Term Store can be used to develop hierarchical metadata models that can improve findability and classify unstructured content. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide adequate tools to manage SharePoint Term Sets making it difficult for taxonomies developed on a Test server to then be migrated to the Production farm. The difficulty increases when existing taxonomies need updating because Microsoft does not provide the ability to update Term Sets incrementally. A taxonomy can be imported, but it’s a fresh structure, you can’t update an existing Term Set.

conceptTermStoreManager provides native integration with the SharePoint Term Store and the Managed Metadata Service application, where changes in the Term Store can easily be synchronised between SharePoint farms.

A compelling advantage is the ability to consistently apply the same metadata structures to content across environments and firewall boundaries. Users can test, validate, and approve Term Set revisions and then, using the conceptTermStoreManager, migrate changes to other farms including Office 365.

The trial version of the product can be downloaded here.

Key Features

  • Direct synchronisation of Term Sets between two environments
  • Synchronisation between two disconnected environments via an Export/Import process
  • Backup and Restore Term Sets using XML files
  • Support for Office 365/SharePoint Online
  • All SharePoint 2013 Term Store facilities are supported, including:
    • Term Descriptions
    • Re-Used Terms
    • Pinned Terms
    • Alternate Labels
    • Custom Properties
    • Custom Sort Orders
  • Preservation of Term GUIDs when updating existing Term Sets
  • Hybrid customers can ensure that on-premises and Office 365 Term Stores are identical
  • Advanced merge options available